In 2003, was created the legislative frame for the industrial parks and so, in Gorj County a surface of 186.200 square meters land and 38.000 square meters buildings was transferred from the patrimony of CN Romarm and administrated by the U.M Sadu II in the Gorj County Council patrimony, that have transferred in the private domain of Gorj County, creating a trading company for administration, named Bumbesti-Jiu SC Gorj Industrial Park SA. The condition on which the building was transferred was on medium set up level and the trading company AGA and CA have determined a rent for productive activities, warehousing and offices of 0.6 euro/square meter/month interface with the level of the halls set up.

            The Bumbesti-Jiu industrial park is placed on the territory of Bumbesti-Jiu Town, in the south-east area of the town.

   Access ways

-    From the national road NR 66 (E79) that makes the link between Tg-Jiu City and Petrosani City, it is make through the communal road CR 3 (modernized road) with the industrial park;

-    In the north area, the industrial park dispose of access through the machining railway to the national railway that makes the link between Craiova and Petrosani;

-    At 120 km. of the industrial park is the Craiova

-    The fluvial access to Danube and Black Sea is ensured through Turnu Severin Town, situated at 100 km from the national road NR 67.

      General characteristics and existent utilities

-          The overall surface of the Industrial Park is 186200 square meters here are posted builtup surfaces of 38000 square meters and in present are occupied around 20000 square meters.

-          The spaces that we offer for rent are for activities of production, warehousing, offices, vestiarys, storage space and those are in stage of medium arrangement been in concordance with the rent of 0,6 Euro/square meters/month.

            The term of lease is of 15 years with extension possibility and the rent value will be update from 2 by 2 years according to the level of minimum salary on economy from Romania reported in Euro. In case that the surface wanted for rent it isn’t at the requested standards by the renter, we can negotiate that the renter to invest in the surface rented (hydro isolation works etc) that will reduce monthly the rent with 30%untill the investment redemption.

-          The Industrial Park dispose of all the utilities necessary to a good development of the technological activities in different domains as:

§         Electrical power, 0.4kv, 3.5 MW power, with low-tension network;

§         Natural gases;

§         drinking water at 82.9 mc/h capacity;

§         sewerage;

§         telephony.

-          The spaces that we offer for rent have the following utilities:

§         Water – existing at the limit of each surface for rent

§         Electrical power – within the limit of the each space there is a transforming point from where the renter can connect the necessary force and illumination circuits

§         telephony

            The trading utilities are ensured through SC UM Sadu SA been concluded a contract on undetermined period.


The activities accepted in the Industrial Park

¨       mechanical working activities;

¨       productive activities in different domains;

¨       activities for light industry;

¨       wood processing;

¨       diverse industrial services;

¨       depositing-manipulation-transport activities;

¨       research and advanced technologies production activities and other auxiliary activities.

            In this moment in the Gorj Industrial Park are developing there activities 15 trade companies, in the following directions: mechanical working, metallic manufacture, garment, wood processing, food production, nail productions, unit production for machine construction, been created until now around 300 work places. Among those trading, three of them have as administrator foreign partners form France, Ukraine and Serbia Montenegro Republic, and in present we negotiate with two other investors from Germany and Czech Republic.


In this moment the available actives in the Industrial Park are:


 1) Objective -13    – ex Carpentry-surface = 3.600 square meters

 2) Objective -13a  – ex Technical Annex-surface =360 square meters

 3) Objective -7      – ex Atelier- surface = 2400 square meters

 4) Objective -14    – ex Timber Barn- surface = 2374 square meters

 5) Objective -21    – ex Atelier- surface = 1008 square meters

 6) Objective -27    – ex Medical center- surface = 540 square meters

 7) Objective -702  – ex Atelier- surface= 6700 square meters

 8) Objective -15    – ex Central storage space - surface = 1200 square meters

 9) Objective -2      – ex eating house -   ground-floor surface 910 square meters.

                                   Level surface 1030 square meters.

 10) Objective -702/1a – designed as administrative office P+1 fulfilled in proportion of 40% - overall surface = 700 square meters


            We specified the fact that exist the possibility to charter a land surface in sight of production activities development.

            The Bumbesti-Jiu Town is one of the most fitted from utilities points of view having water supply, gases, electrical power, telephony, and internet, asphalted county and communal roads.  Administrative, the town has 7 localities and a population around 10.806 inhabitants, from which 5.530 represent the active population and the unemployed rate is 8%. In the town area are settle and develop there activity around 326 trading companies with privy capital, and 52 of them develop productive activities of goods and materials. In Bumbesti-Jiu Town exist a theoretic lyceum – “Mihai Viteazul” National College – and in Tg-Jiu City, at 18 Km far away from Bumbesti-Jiu, the state university – “Constantin Brancusi” University – with 4 faculties: engineering (energetic, automatic and mechanic profiles), economics, juridical and sport and physical education.

            We mention the fact that in the Bumbesti-Jiu Town area, exist qualified work force especially in the mechanical domain, willing to have a work place, the salary been considerably under the European level. This work force come especially from the availability made from 1990 by the UM Sadu where was working around 8.000 employers and in present are still working around 2.530 employers.

            Also, if you decide to invest in the industrial park, will benefits by all the rights foreseen in the legislation (Law 332/2001) as: exoneration of the lands and buildings taxes, VAT and customs duties at imports of tools and machines.

          On the chance of collaboration we wait you to visit us, to see on the field, the stage of the available actives from Bumbesti-Jiu Industrial Park



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